It’s Sunday! A laundry story.

It’s Sunday morning, and I just got up at 10AM after a night of Palo Alto-esque loitering. So I’m already doing a lot. I get up super ready to college, as in rehanging all the posters that have fallen since I put them up two weeks ago (re: command strips), as in un-ironically blasting songs with the word “Sunday” in it, as in brunching at 12 (both because brunch is the best meal, but also because you only want to eat two meals today). Sunday is also laundry day.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 12.12.30 PM

I walk down three flights of stairs to the laundry room and find a washer that’s unoccupied. Good. It’s Sunday. Sunday is laundry day. For everyone. And there’s an open washer. Perfect.

Obviously not.

I go to pay for the washer on the laundry paying machine (you swipe your Duke ID and pay), and the machine says that there are no open washers. There clearly is. Washer #2 is open.

I go over to washer #2 and it says “PRESS START” and the genius fixer-upper-of-things that I am goes to hmm, I don’t know, PRESS START. Then the WASHER STARTS WASHING NOTHING AND THE DOOR LOCKS. So I just accidentally started a washer and it is literally spinning around, thinking that it’s washing a confused college freshman’s laundry. Except it’s not. So not only did I miss out on a free chance to do laundry, I am wasting water and have to wait 30 more minutes to do my laundry.

Conclusion: Laundry day is college.

Laundry Day = College

College is running out of clean underwear. College is an overwhelming urge to walk out the door with socks and flip flops. College is trying to be a responsible, put together adult and failing to live up to the hype.

Instead of getting upset, I just go back up to my room. Except, I take the elevator this time because laundry day does that to you.

Stay clean,


Update 1: I went downstairs again to see if a washer was open. It wasn’t. Took the elevator back up.

Update 2: Got it. Eating a celebratory banana.

Update 3: A friend from my hall just texted me that she read this post, and she was the one who accidentally paid for washer #2 but didn’t use it. The internet does weird things, LOL.


Alice’s Sunday Playlist: 

Sunday Candy, Chance the Rapper

Sunday Morning, Maroon 5

A Sunday Smile, Beirut

Sunday Morning, The Velvet Underground

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, Queen

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