Thanks for making this blog thing poppin’

I had my fourth math lecture today, and I feel like the professor took my brain, swirled it around and then regurgitated it. I’m a lot more confused but also slightly more enlightened. Then, guess what? A guy came up to me after class and asked me for my number so we could study together, that’s what. Communal suffering is the best suffering.

The point is, I want to talk about numbers. Ooohh, transitions.

Guess how many times I tried to take the featured picture for this post.

104 times.

Here’s some more:



v 21st Century

Kleenex advertisement
Guess how long I spent taking these pictures.

Enough time for the lighting to change dramatically. Like 45 minutes.

Guess how many people read my first post. (Yes. You, too, can read it here.)

186 people. And counting!!!!!!!!

To my friends/acquaintances at Duke who’ve come up to me to tell me they read my blog and resonated with why I wanted to start Duke or Dai, you guys are the homie.

Except, here’s the thing. Every time someone tells me they like my blog, I get super flustered. It’s more like a high-pitched squeal followed by a, “Oh, I’m so sorry you had to read that.” I need to stop saying that.

I typed my domain name into the WordPress box after thinking about blogging for a long time and talking about it too much with all of my friends. I knew what I was getting into. As much as I made Duke or Dai for my peers and prospective freshmen and friends and family, I also made this blog for me. Me, as a writer/journalist and as an optimistic human.

Blogging is weird. It’s given me an oddly intimate space to think my thoughts in front of readers who might now know me very well and friends who might know me too well. It’s this platform that thrives on instant gratification, where I press a button and anyone online can react.

I’m always going to be self conscious about what other people think about my writing. But for everything that’s terrifying about blogging, there’s so much more that makes it intriguing and amazing. This is an unfiltered look into what it’s like to be in college, what it’s like to attempt growing up and what it’s like to kick the shit out of being mildly uncomfortable.

Yes, I’m proud of this. I have a vision for what I want this to be, and I can’t wait to see it happen. To everyone in school and back home who has read my blog, thank you. It means a lot. Un millón besos, amigos.

Stay sassy,

Alice the Malice

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