I made a video! Thanks Matthew :)

The governor of North Carolina declared a state of emergency last week because of Hurricane Matthew. According to Zoe (my roommate), states of emergency are common.

Me: Dude, we’re in a state of emergency.

Zoe: Meh.

Me: Isn’t that like serious.

Zoe: No, we get it all the time. Don’t you get those in California.

Me: Lol. Earthquakes don’t work like that.

But!!!! Guess!!!! What!!!! I made a video because I’m on fall break right now and lots of people are gone and it was raining pretty hard for two days straight. It stopped raining, so I went out for lunch. I’ve been a pescetarian for 19 days, but today I ate a bagel with bacon in it because I really couldn’t resist. LOOK AT IT:


And it was amazing and delicious and slightly upsetting because the deal was that if I stayed pescetarian for two months, I could choose any hairstyle for Zoe. I would’ve gotten her straight bangs because she looks v hot with straight bangs. Now I can’t. But I have bacon. Yum.

Anyway, here’s my first video!

The resolution isn’t too good since my camera is quite old. Think of it like a creative choice or something. Or don’t. I recommend the former. It’ll enhance the experience.

Until I get a better camera,



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