ANNOUNCEMENT is no longer. Welcome to!

Over the break I revamped the site and reorganized all of my posts. New logo! New fonts! New tags! New categories! At some point near 2AM one night, I was playing around with the new features in WordPress Premium, shivering at my desk since the heater was off and listening to Cigarettes After Sex but only because I had accidentally ventured into the nook of eccentric, Youtube suggested underground music.

Claire and me, walloping

The next day, I told Claire (guest post? oohhhh.) while we walloped on my bed that I wanted the site to look like a hybrid of Cath in College (amazing college blogging inspiration), Rookie and The New Yorker. She pierced my soul with her new, funky fresh eyebrows and said, “Well, that’s ambitious.” Fair enough, but a girl can dream.

Here’s a peek of all the cool new features on the site:

AMA The Ask Me Anything tab on the top of the site is one of my favorite additions to the site. You can ask me questions about college/life/my friends. I want to talk to y’all!

SIDE BAR You can find almost EVERYTHING on the sidebar. There are lots of ways to follow the blog and stay up to date on my latest posts/videos. Yay for usability!

SOCIAL If you’re into social media, well, haha, I’m kinda into it, too. I made a new Duke or Dai Facebook page for everyone in the community to stay updated on new posts/announcements. Currently, I don’t have any posts on Instagram only because I deleted everything on a whim. However, there is plenty of embarrassing social media activity to go around.

MUSIC Scroll to the bottom of the page. There are some secret messages hidden in the site, and I’ll be adding new things when I think of them. Enough said.

Later babes,


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