some songs

Here are all the song titles I’ve suggested in this blog, in one convenient place.

Sunday Playlist from It’s Sunday! A laundry story

Sunday Candy – Chance the Rapper

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

A Sunday Smile – Beirut

Sunday Morning – The Velvet Underground

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon – Queen

From We’re not in Silicon Valley anymore, Dorothy.

Paradise – Jeremih

Alright – Kendrick Lamar

From Missing my flight home and “kicking the shit out of option B”

Patiently Waiting – Terrace Martin feat. Uncle Chucc and The Emotions

Plantasia – Mort Garson

From Duke or Bai: Overwritten and under-enthused musing on love and millennial dating

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

From Sherpa Boondoggle Mosey. Gee whiz. Flapjacks. (re: a thought i had while in college, therefore a post that pertains to the college experience)

California – Joni Mitchell

From The Cocteau Twins always make me sad. On finding boys to love.

Cherry-Coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins

Weekly/Biweekly/Unpredictably updated suggestions from the bottom right corner:

If You’re on the Water – The Saxophones

Quiet Fire – Mammal Hands

Wait For the Moment – Vulfpeck

Peach Pit – Peach Pit

Relax – Vacations

The Less I Know the Better – Tame Impala

Cathy Come Home – Flyte

Really Love – D’Angelo and the Vanguard

Lucky Girl – Fazerdaze

California Dreamin’ – The Mamas and The Papas

Ex-Factor – Lauryn Hill

La Banlieue – Beirut

Here’s a playlist on my channel of all the songs above: